Audit and Assurance

Balancing business and risk

Financial responsibilities and risk shouldn’t slow down business. Our audit and assurance services are best practice and managed by experienced professionals.

We’ll deliver more for your business by:

  • Completing our service delivery to a high quality in an agreed timeframe.
  • Assigning appropriately qualified staff to complete your engagement efficiently.
  • Connecting you with people you can rely on, who’ll work effectively with your team and who you can have absolute confidence in.
  • Providing detailed reports, briefings and conducting reviews to ensure continuous improvement in our approach.
  • Offering you a value for money service proposition, so you’ll be confident you’re paying the right amount for the right service levels.

Our service is not limited to fulfilling standard compliance or statutory requirements. In delivering audit and assurance services we gain a significant understanding of your business and operations. Using this knowledge and our experience we can then suggest opportunities to make improvements to your organisation, systems or business operations.

Audit and Assurance Services provided by our strategic Alliance firm, LD Assurance include:

External audit services:

  • Statutory financial statement audits
  • non financial statements audits and reviews
  • Trust account audits
  • Superannuation funds
  • audit and compliance services for the financial services industry

Internal audit services:

  • Risk management
  • Management reviews and assurance
  • Systems reviews
  • In-house internal audit roles and resources
  • Fraud investigation and control
  • Data Transaction Analysis – application of the IDEA audit software tool for data analysis from files generated by a wide variety of computer systems
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Advice on accounting policies, as well as accounting and auditing standards