Corporate Advisory

The right advice and commercial results with our corporate advisory services

Is your business restructuring, refinancing or acquiring? Thinking about raising private equity, or merging with another firm?

Lonsdale Accountants provides corporate advisory services to ensure your endeavours are a success, no matter where you choose to go. Our expert advisors are highly skilled in valuations, due diligence, investigations, taxation, accountancy, finance and corporate advice.

We work closely with you to ensure you deliver for your stakeholders, and we take the time to understand your needs at each stage of the cycle. We communicate regularly, identify issues quickly and move proactively to find solutions for your business, from start to finish. With high-quality people and hands-on support, you know you’ll get the right advice for your specific needs and a commercial result.

Our corporate advisory services include:

  • Auditing and accounting/secretarial work for publicly listed companies.
  • Providing assistance to company secretaries and in-house accountants on the complexities of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), particularly in the production of half yearly and annual financial statements.
  • Providing assistance to companies undertaking acquisitions.
  • Transaction services, including assistance in undertaking business mergers, acquisitions and sales to ensure the most beneficial outcome.
  • Interim and part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) roles for companies in need of additional financial knowledge, but without the expense of a full time CFO.
  • Providing expertise in the valuation of options (such as Black & Scholes and Binominal methods).
  • Advice and assistance with corporate restructures.
  • Providing assistance with Pre-Initial Public Offering (IPO) and prospectus’, including preparation of financial sections such as capital structure and investigative accounting reports.
  • Assistance in preparing Information Memorandums including advice on S.708 exemptions for sophisticated investors.